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    1. What is Urban Impact?

    Urban Impact is the economic development engine for the Historic 4th Avenue Business District and the greater Civil Rights District, a nationally renowned destination district in the city of Birmingham. This prime development area is home to the Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame/Carver Theater, the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute, Birmingham Civil Rights Activist Committee, Eddie Kendricks Memorial Park, Kelly Ingram Park and the Historic Sixteenth Street Baptist Church.


    Tourists and visitors to various parts of the district exceed 140,000 annually.

    2. What does Urban Impact do?

    Urban Impact provides services to private-sector clients who are considering locating or expanding their business in the district. We also provide technical assistance to existing merchants through data-driven programming.

    3. How long has Urban Impact been here?

    Urban Impact has been in the district since 1980. Please visit our About Page for more information.

    4. Is Urban Impact a non-profit?

    Urban Impact is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization receiving funding from various sources to assist in the economic development of the 4th Avenue Business Corridor and the Greater Civil Rights District.

    5. Is Urban Impact open for tours on weekends?

    Not usually, but on a case-by-case basis, and by appointment only, we have made our facility available on weekends. Please contact us for more information.

    6. What events does Urban Impact have available for the community?

    We are planning a re-brand of our community vibrancy programming. If you have ideas please email info@urbanimpactbirmingham.org.

    7. To whom does a potential merchant contact about available space in the district?

    Potential merchants can call the Urban Impact office to receive a list of space available, if applicable, or see our website.

    8. What services are available for merchants and business owners in the district?

    Some of the services we offer include assisting merchants with lease agreements, applying for tax identification numbers, general clerical assistance and marketing resources. Individual counseling, workshops, financial product reviews and information exchange for merchants is also available.​

    9. What area is considered “The District” and is there expansion on the horizon?

    The UII Development District covers 18th Street North to 15th Avenue North, Abraham Woods Blvd to 2nd Avenue North. Please contact our office for specific questions concerning boundaries and future expansion.

    10. What types of businesses are you looking to locate in the District?

    Currently the district is home to a number of personal care services and retail shops. We seek to attract more lifestyle businesses that contribute to a unique and culture sense of place. Other opportunities include professional services, technology and nonprofit agencies.

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