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Urban Impact Celebrates National Small Business Week 2019

Urban Impact Celebrates National Small Business Week on #4thAve and in the #CivilRightsDistrict! Join Urban Impact in a week of highlighting small business and programs. The weeklong observance will include business growth workshops, business walkthroughs and business support campaigns.

May 5

  • Sunday Dinner at Ga Briella's Restaurant (317 17th St. N) 

May 8

  • Celebrate 60 and Order Green Acres on Waitr 
  • Grow with Google Ads Livestream (11 AM, UII Office) 

May 9

  • Celebrate 75 and Eat Lunch at Nelson Brother's Café (314 17th St. N, 11 AM)
  • Kiva Open House (9 AM - 11 AM) 

May 10

  • Urban Impact Business Appreciation Walkthrough (1 PM) 

May 11

  • Get your Haircut on #4thAve (10 AM - 4 PM)
Take a picture and hastag #nsbw2019 and #4thave!
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